Getting Onboard with the Most Remote Alaska Fishing Charter Available

Fishing in Alaska while on your Adventure Kodiak cruise may take place in both open salt water and fresh water streams and rivers of Alaska’s great outdoors. You will live and travel aboard Single Star, waking up at your fishing destination in remote locations every day of your trip. Kodiak Island is world famous for its fisheries and the Single Star can take you to all of the hot spots. We carry gear and tackle for bottom fish, rock fish, casting and fly fishing. Depending on what you are fishing for it may be done from the Single Star, one of the skiffs or wading along the shore line or shallow streams. All of our Alaska fishing trips are guided.

Occasionally Alaska fishing trips are booked for splitting time with viewing and photographing wildlife but most serious anglers prefer booking their time primarily fishing in Alaska with wildlife viewing done while fishing or cruising to a new location. Our chef makes a gourmet meal with your choice of the catch of the day. All trips are all inclusive except for fishing licenses, alcohol beverages and Kodiak sales tax.

What to Fish on an Alaska Fishing Trip

Alaska Silver salmon are the most fun with their aggressive strikes, fighting runs and large size and are the most sought after sport salmon. These late summer season fish know how to put up a good fight and offer an exciting thrill to bring out of the water. Halibut are abundant around Kodiak Island and coastal Katmai National Park. They migrate into shallower water during spring and summer, eliminating the 200-300 ft of line to reel in commonly needed in fall and winter. Also fun for fishing in Alaska are rockfish. There are over 30 species of rockfish found in Kodiak and Shelikof salt waters and they readily bite. They are very long-lived with one determined to be over 100 years old.