Six days just flew by.  I can’ believe the trip is all ready coming to an end! We had wonderful scenery, wonderful bears, hot showers, wonderful meals, wonderful weather and most important a wonderful time. The single star should definitely be renamed to Five Stars.  Thank you very much Mary, Sam and Mike!
Duisburg, Germany
August 2016

This has been a fantastic trip for a family of 6 (3 generations)-an experience of a lifetime!  From the hundreds of otters, puffins and birds, humpbacks, porpoises and pin whales, numerous bald eagles, to the red fox, bears, bears and more bears (even mating-twice!!)  It was an unbelievable journey.  Thanks for the adventure.

Tricia Pang
Vancouver, BC Canada
June 2012
You stole my dreams.  I dreamed I would see a bear, catch a salmon, and see a whale.  Now I have no more dreams.  I have seen many bears, caught salmon and seen whales.
Andrew K.
September 2013

We exploited our landings to their utmost, and were thrilled with our encounters with numerous bears that included a fabulous mom with two very new cubs. A fully-grown male wolf strolled by just feet way, casually ensuring that we caught a solid look at him while acknowledging us in return, and with no concern whatever. Same held true with the bears, all hunting for fish or playfully interacting, while coming within feet of us without any hint of trouble—more accurately, with considerable mutual curiosity. Our images tell the story of these places, and allow us to return in our collective memories over and over, whenever we chose to take a peek. Kudos all around for the help and friendship offered, as well as the expertise and wisdom that so clearly came with package.

Gary and Myrna Paige
Mike and Sharyn Mustari
August 2016

Courtesy of Gary and Myrna Paige

I had the extreme pleasure of experiencing Alaska aboard the “Single Star” with Mike and Mary late June 2016 to photograph coastal brown bears.  The first class accommodations were welcome site as we flew into Katmai NP.  Mike and Mary were there to great us to begin our week long photography excursion to photograph bears in Hallo bay and Kukak.  The food was homemade and absolutely delicious for every meal as you would find in 5 star hotel.  Perhaps they should change the name of the boat from “Single Star” to “Five Star”.   Sleeping aboard was very peaceful, quiet and calm despite harsh conditions that are found around Alaska.  They were very attentive to all of our needs and provided comfort in knowing and having all of our requests fulfilled.  Mike always found the perfect spot to anchor for the night and positioned for timely arrival to the next destination the following day.  Mike’s lifelong knowledge of the area was invaluable to making our trip as successful as possible.  The Norman’s goal was was to ensure we had a trip of a lifetime and we most certainly did.  When we left the Single Star, they were on deck waving goodbye.  It was sad and happy moment as you immediately felt your were saying goodbye to family.  It is a trip that I think about everyday and long to go back to experience again!

Gregory A. Craybas, DDS
Syracuse, NY

In July 2016 my husband, myself and another couple of friends set off from Kodiak harbor for a wonderful week with Mike, Mary and Sam on the Single Star.

The boat is wonderfully comfortable and clearly equipped with very up to date navigational gear. Sam picked us up at the airport and drove us to the harbor via a quick liquor stop. We were lucky and had wonderful weather and so spent most of our time on deck watching birds (puffins, kittiwakes, eagles to name a few), whales, seals and sea otters. The wildlife is truly amazing and we all felt a huge sense of anticipation as we approached the landings where we were likely to see bears. Our encounters with the bears was at Geographical Harbor. It’s pretty amazing all piling into the zodiac and climbing out on a beach where you can literally see bears walking about and hunting for fish!! We saw a number of bears over two days including a Mama bear with two cubs, adolescent sibling bears wrestling and big boars. The bears do come quite close (sometimes only twenty feet away) but I felt very safe with Mike who has many years experience around coastal brown bears. We were also very lucky to see a stunning wolf on the same beach!! Mary’s cooking is amazing! It is total luxury to start the day with a wonderful cooked breakfast, have an adrenaline pumped day of bears and wolves and come back to the boat for a delicious meal and a glass of wine. One night I went to sleep watching a bear from my porthole window wandering along the beach off in the distance. Heaven!

Jane Dodd, Australia

It was my wife Sharon’s and my pleasure to spend our honeymoon aboard the Single Star with Captain Mike at the helm. I was very impressed when Mike covered all the safety procedures and protocol prior to leaving port. We were both very impressed with the attention to detail, from the cleanliness to the beautiful teak wood. Mike’s knowledge of the boat, maps and the ocean and weather characteristics was comforting. He always found a quiet cove to anchor in for the night, which afforded us a restful night. With Mary in the galley we enjoyed wonderful meals, several of which were from the catch of the day. The wildlife was plentiful and included whales, sea otters, bears, eagles and a number of other birds. And if you are looking for more than just a lovely boat ride-we filled the freezer with salmon. We would book another trip with Adventure Kodiak in a heartbeat.

John & Sharon A
Springfield, Oregon