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Experience Wildlife

Whether whale watching in Alaska or Alaska brown bear viewing excites you, with Adventure Kodiak, we will provide you with the best wildlife watching in Alaska. The best ways to experience a combination of Alaska bear viewing and Alaska whale watching is by spending a week cruising around untamed waters of Kodiak Island and coastal Katmai National Park.


Our Alaska Wildlife Cruise is More than just Alaska Brown Bear Viewing

In this remote coastal region you will become enchanted by the narrow fjords, island sea stacks, sandy beaches and rocky headlands that are teaming with Alaska wildlife. This area is home to Kodiak brown bears, Katmai grizzly bears, red fox, cross fox, wolves (Katmai), deer (Kodiak), river and sea otters, sea lions, bald eagles, seals humpback whales, fin whales, orca whales, bald eagles, puffins, close to 200 species of birds, dahl porpoise, 5 species of Pacific salmon and more. You’ll get to see Alaska Brown bears, but you’ll have the opportunity to see so many more animals than you thought possible. The quantity and variety of wildlife seen with Adventure Kodiak is unsurpassed!

Alaska Brown bear viewing and photographing in Katmai National Park

Get Ready for Your Intimate Interaction with Alaska’s Wildlife

At Adventure Kodiak, we work hard to get you closer to these amazing birds and mammals than you would imagine possible – with the utmost respect for the safety of humans and wildlife alike. To give you the ultimate experience and personal attention we limit the number of guests aboard to four people allowing us to customize every cruise.


Get more from your Alaska Wildlife Cruise with Adventure Kodiak

We have the only Alaska wildlife cruise efficiently combining Kodiak and Katmai National Park bear viewing and Alaska wildlife viewing by eliminating extra travel returning to town each day or having to sleep in a tent. Once you are on our small ship, your “camp site” travels with you. Take a peek out through your staterooms port holes before sleep for a last look at the bears on the beach, then enjoy a cozy comfortable night’s sleep anchored in a quiet bay. To see a sample of wildlife you may see check out the Alaska wildlife photos gallery all taken by our guests and our staff. Hear from our guests about their intimate Alaskan wildlife experiences.